Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So Drew Brees Got His Baby Baptized This Past Weekend


I saw this on twitter today from Drew:

Eventful weekend - Amazing Race charity event was on Sat and our son Bowen got baptized Sunday - great to see so many family and friends.

Now that is great. However my first thought was WHY SO LONG. Bowen was born
October 19, 2010!! Why wait so long.

Now I am not trying to pick on Drew and I don't know the details. Both are Catholics so I suspect faith issues were not the reason for the delay. Perhaps with the schedule and all it was just the best time to get the family together.

However as Canterbury Tales points out today Blessed John Paul II: Don't Delay Infant Baptism! Again not picking on Drew Brees here because I think this might be too common. I would be curious what the Archdiocese of New Orleans is strongly suggesting to it's flock as to the matter of the time frame to baptize children.

Again not trying to single Brees out. I am just curious if this is becoming the norm in the Archdiocese. If it is I hope that is reversed.

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