Saturday, May 7, 2011

Save the White Democrats South Carolina Yells

Ben Smith over at Politico has perhaps the most important political story of the week. See Harpootlian: 'Rationale for these huge majority-minority districts is gone'

The significance of this cannot be overstated and I would love to hear more inside baseball how this is playing in South Carolina. I do find it ironic that when this was argued most recently at the Supreme Court no on picked up what was coming. This shall be played out in many Southern States. The interesting twist will be how the Obama Justice Department will react.

Though this helps my political party (the GOP) in the South I have to say I side with the democrats in South Carolina here. This is having huge effects not only on Congressional seats but all elected offices from the State legislatures to school boards. In the end this all is producing some very bad civics making race the trump factor. What was done to help blacks is now I believing impeding a true political diversity in the black community. Plus as I have argued countless times before I think on the whole it weakens the power of the black vote on the whole.

Further I have to think this hurts somewhat conservative black democrats in the South that have shown they can get elected in the South.

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