Friday, May 27, 2011

For Your Liturgical Readings At Weddings Consult Westlaw

I don't know how I missed this that was performed at Boston Episcopal Cathedral earlier this year. See Boston Gay Marriage – TEC have Completed the Circle.

I truly wonder if these educated people with very expensive theology degrees have thought of the implications in a liturgical, scriptural, theological , or indeed an ecclesiological sense that scriptures of the Church chosen has indeed been replaced by a reading from the STATE.

In other news it appears Communion without Baptism is now an acceptable norm and oh yes no DISSENT will be tolerated on that other issue in Chicago.

....."The Q&A discussion says that clergy should not withhold a blessing ceremony based only on sexual orientation: “When it comes to Matrimony or the Blessing of a Holy Union, a priest may also refuse to offer the Church’s blessing to a couple because it is believed that the couple is incapable of entering into a relationship of lasting commitment as understood by our Church. However, these rites are never withheld because something basic to the very nature of the person has disqualified them, e.g., being a man, a woman, a gay person, a white person, a black person.”

Well the State of Illinois has given it directive of it's wishes or lets say the new spirit of things so whats the big deal?

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