Monday, May 16, 2011

Louisiana Being Killed By the Oyster - Coastal Erosion

Two years back the esteemed Lt Gov of Louisiana came to my little town in North Louisiana for a meet and greet and Q and A. That was Mitch Landrieu who is now the current Mayor of New Orleans.

I asked him a question on Coastal erosion. My question was basically this. If we could get the funds was Louisiana prepared to make the moves that would be needed to restore our Coastline. That restoration involves the needed diversion of some that sediment rich Mississippi River to the wetlands. This will involve some people losing property and some business interest having to sacrifice.

Mitch said he "sensed" that discussion was taking place and "felt" that people were preparing to make these hard choices. Well all that sounded very vague to me at the time . Also to be quite honest from my reading of the South Louisiana at this I am still not sensing or feeling the needed come to Jesus meeting is happening down there. However he seemed to be real skittish about one part of my question especially. That is the almighty Oyster leases and farms.

I sadly don't think much has changed. Which brings us to Revolution 21's piece Casting pearls before Darwin

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