Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bishop Duca Thinks 25th Anniversary Of Diocese of Shreveport A Rather Big Deal

IT EVEN HAS IT'S OWN WEB SITE for the big event to celebrate it. It also appears all Saturday Vigil Masses (except at the celebration) have been canceled on that day so all Priest and Laity can attend.

I like the web site. Thought I might change the color on the top tabs that lead to a lot of info. The yellow is so bright I almost missed it.

I am not really one of these small group breakout session folks but I better attend. Though every small group/ breakout session I have attended that has been entitled "Parish Models" has either been boring as watching paint dry or slightly heretical. But this is ta new day and our Bishop is pretty Orthodox. Further the other topics are important. ESPECIALLY EVANGELIZING.

I like the Hispanics are getting highlighted. This a good time for the local Church as a whole to realize their importance.

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