Friday, May 6, 2011

Pope Benedict and Mary Ann Glendon Speak On Religious Freedom At the Vatican (Updated with Full Text)

As I mentioned I am feeling still a a little under the weather today but I think I can blog some stuff today versus yesterday.

Pope Benedict got some press yesterday on some remarks he made to the The Pontifical Academy for Social Sciences on the threat to religious liberty. The United States former Envoy to the Holy and current President of the Pontifical Academy also spoke according to Mirrors of Justice. See Mary Ann Glendon on Religious Liberty.

I am not able to find those links on the Vatican web site. Though the Full text of the Holy Father's remarks and an interview with Mary Ann Glendon can be found here at the Vatican radio web site.

Update: Here is a PDF from the Vatican that has both the full text of the Pope's remarks and the extensive Press release put out Mary Ann Glendon.

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