Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Can Christians "Celebrate" Bin Laden's Death? Yes and No

The Holy See put out a statement on how we should mark the killing of Bin Laden. I largely agree with that to a extent. However my mind goes to what is in the Talmud. From the Washington Post:

Jews just finished celebrating Passover, retelling the story of how God parted the Red Sea to let the people of Israel pass and then caused the waters to close again, drowning the pursuing Egyptian army. The Talmud teaches that when the angels began to sing in praise, God silenced them, saying, “My handiwork is drowning in the sea, and you want to sing?”

Yet Moses and the Israelites broke into song after the crossing, praising God — and apparently drawing no rebuke — for casting Pharaoh’s chariots and captains into the sea. Humans are not angels. And even angels, it seems, succumb to the desire for vengeance

I agree with that take. Though I don't think the Jews were celebrating vengeance but Justice. Therefore I think the rather spontaneous celebration we saw America and indeed perhaps the world was proper.

Pro Eccelsia has an interesting post this morning that rightly calls out the wrong mindset from a very suprising source. See Michael Sean Winters and National Catholic Reporter Celebrate Bin Laden's Death. I largely agree with that. If one views the celebration as sin just saying I will go to Confession tomorrow is not good advice.

However there is a difference between again celebrating vengeance and celebrating Justice and I think the latter is what we saw and are continuing to see.


Left-footer said...

I agree wholeheartedly. Rabbi Tzvi Freeman seems to be of the same mind.

I'm not happy with my fellow-Catholic Ossama-in-Hell-wishers. I pray he will see Salvation.

James H said...

I agree. Though I really think that amount of Catholic that rejoice that Bn Laden might be in hell are being mixed in too much with the crowd that are taking perhaps proper note of the occasion