Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Like 1927 Catholics In Small Louisiana Town Pray To Virgin Mary For Protection Against Flooding

I saw this story and vid here KLFY at Prayer for Protection

As residents throughout Louisiana brace for rising flood waters, St. Joseph the Worker parishioners in Assumption Parish are turning to their faith, more specifically, the virgin Mary, who they believe will be their saving grace.

On the tiny island overlooking the Pierre Part Bay, nearly 100 devout Catholics gather every day to pray the rosary.

Anna Mabile organizes the gathering. "It brings a calmness to all of us as we say the rosary and ask for her protection," she said. Residents here have found that sense of calm in praying to this statue of the Virgin Mary.

"We look at the statue and we think of her," said parishioner Janice Pintado.

They believe their connection to the blessed Mother is what will save them from the rapidly approaching flood waters, just as it has for over a hundred years.

"If you ask for her intercession it is never known to have failed and I strongly believe that," Roland Pintado, a parishioner, explained.

Years after the statue was first erected, the great flood of 1927 swept through Pierre Part. The devout gathered here and prayed the rosary begging the Virgin Mary to save their community. The water continued to rise but never above the Virgin Mary's feet and the town was spared.

Just like the town it watched over through wind and water, the statue itself has stayed strong. Parishioners pray that the approaching flood will be no exception.

"We're not saying there won't be water, but we are praying damage will be minimal and definitely the loss of life for no one," Janice Pintado continued.

"The spirits I guess take care of us. Something's going on, I can't explain it and I'm not even going to try," said Roland Pintado.

The statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been on the island across from the chapel and overlooking the Pierre Part Bay since 1892.

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