Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Obscene Catholic Post on Both Abortion and Immigration

It appears I am not able to recover the posts over the last few days I lost. Oh well that's life.

One post I lost was one in which I was pretty agitated. Thankfully The Catholic Key has a post on it and as usual is much better than my thoughts. See his response to Crisis contributor at Bishop Finn is ‘not, in cold fact, prolife’


Tom Acemoglu said...

The author, John Zmirak, may have been off on this article, but he is hands down one of the best Catholic writers out there. Go through his stuff on Inside Catholic/Crisis. I share te criticisms of that one post, but on most issues orthodox Catholics will find a kindred spirit, a hilarious, provocative, insightful, and orthodox kindred spirit.

James H said...

I largely agree with that when we get off these issues I enter into more agreement with John Zmirak on a good many things. I have engaged him before on this in the past and it seems he can't see any problem with his view or that should compromise much on it. It all has a very Paleo Conservative ring to it which of course I disagree with you.

Still you are right on things I think he is quite good

Jay Anderson said...

A talented and often humorous writer? Yes. BUT Zmirak is NOT just "off" on this one article. He is OFTEN wrong, especially when it comes to immigration reform and an overall attitude of hostility and "I know better than they" when it comes to the Bishops.

I took Zmirak to task about a year ago on his assertion that the Bishops should be completely ignored and held in contempt because of the priest abuse scandal:

"If You Want to Experience Bishop Hatred from the Right That Rivals Anything You Might See on the Left ..."

By the way, I was going to do a post criticizing Crisis for publishing Zmirak's post, but it seems that Zmirak's amnesty equals abortion swill been "disappeared" from the Crisis website. If so, can't say that I blame the editors - I doubt that nativism and bishop bashing is really the direction they want to take the newly re-established magazine