Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Major Make Over Of the Blog Happening

I have really let this blog fall into bad shape. Expect some changes. I am working on the link section now. I am in the process of deleting all links that have gone inactive for months, deleted, or went private.

When that is done I have a whole bunch new links I will be adding.

Further expect some more order to the link sections with divisions into more specific subject matter. I think that will help me provide a more balance to the blog itself in posting.

Expect a return to the Louisiana Daily Catholic/Social Media update. I feel bad I have let that gone by the side and that will take some rebuilding. I have thinned the Louisiana herd of blogs that have sadly gone bye bye. However I will have new links both lay Catholic social media and media from the Dioceses around the State.

There will be some other changes. I have devoted a lot of time to Twitter and feel I might be getting to the position where twitter can drive some blog traffic here so I hope

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