Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meet the Man That is Burning the American Flag At LSU

Sigh why LSU of all places are we having this rash of illegal and now legal Flag burning. The Hayride has Meet Benjamin Haas, Flag Burner


Rick67 said...

Do I agree with this fellow and what he did (not quite do)? Not even remotely. But I was concerned even distressed by the level of vehemence directed toward him (so far as I could tell from television).

We have ROTC at Cornell. There was an occasion where Brent ??? (can't recall his full name) your typical skinny white leftist who also lived at Ujamaa led a protest of sorts against(? about?) the US military. He did so in the giant building (??? name?) where ROTC has offices and classes and did so during a review/inspection. This may have been around Gulf War I.

After Brent and crew departed the officer in charge walked out in front stood there and said something along the lines of "I stand before you wearing this uniform - so that he can have the freedom to say things like that".

I don't think that fine officer could have given a better response.

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