Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One Louisiana Super Board For Louisiana Universities Dead On Arrival

If we can't can't merge UNO and SUNO then I expect the likelihood of one Super Governing board for all Louisiana Colleges is a tad realistic.

Between the Lines has a post up on a certain piece of legislation. See Diluted board merger better than nothing, but still may fail . I think we can just get rid of the "may".

There is the Conflict between the historic Black colleges and the rest the state systems.

There is conflict between the LSU system and everyone else.

There is conflict within the Louisiana system that mistrust some in the University of Louisiana system as well as the LSU system.

There is fear of North Louisiana Universities and versus the much more populous and thus numerically superior South Louisiana Legislative delegation.

There would be folks at ULM , ULL, and LA TECH that would be convinced this was just a huge plot to destroy athletics anywhere but LSU BR.

Problems Problems Problems!!

Now I am not advocating we should move to one super board. Perhaps we should. Just saying it is not happening this legislative session. In fact I have often wondered if behind the scenes one reason the SUNO / UNO merger went down was because others feared if that happened then what was next.

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