Friday, January 28, 2011

When Both Glenn Beck and the Jews Are Wrong

I am not a big fan of Glenn Beck and rarely watch him.

However, I basically though can't avoid him because on my twitter feed liberals love to talk about him and what he is saying on his show. It is much like conservatives that give daily /hourly updates on what is happening at MSNBC.

Glen Beck appears to have got into some controversy lately (what else is new). However this controversy deal with Jews and the Holocaust.

Now I don't think one bit that Glenn Beck is anti Jewish. However I do think he is very wrong as to remarks on George Soros and his conduct as a 14 year just trying to survive in his interaction with the Nazis. People were thrust into all sort of horrible situation and a lot of very good Jews in Eastern Europe and indeed even in the death camps had to do things they were not too proud of just to survive. I know I have met them. So Beck is very wrong here.

See from the left Glenn Beck, FOX News Attacking the Memory and Meaning of the Holocaust

However see from an organ of the Jewish Right via Contentions The Difference Between COMMENTARY and the Jewish Funds for Justice Rabbis.

I tend to agree with Contentions there.

However I do wish the left (Jewish and Non Jew Alike) and Jewish groups would look at themselves in the mirror.

Blessed Pope Pius the XII saved through his efforts countless Jews. He hid them at the Vatican, at the Papal Estate, in Convents and other places all around Italy. At first he was honored for this by many Jews. But later for some wild reason many Jews starting saying that he was not a friend but a enemy. All because he did not speak out more. Of course by his speaking out the way some want him too now the Nazis would have no doubt raided Catholic Church property and those Jews (and their countless descendants) would have ceased to exist.

Many Jewish groups on the left (and indeed some on the right) either join in on the Bad Pope Pius XII theme or are silent when it happens which is about just as bad

We now come to poor ole Pope Benedict. Whose family was anti Nazi and whose own cousin was killed by the Nazis because he was defective. The fact that he at a young age he had to enroll in mandatory Hitler Youth and he got drafted at the tail end of the war is still held against him. At the very least there seems to be little objection and much silence when the Hitler's terror is somehow transferred to the character of Pope Benedict.

In this way many Jewish groups screaming now are in some cases not so much better than Glenn Beck in some of their past and present behavior.

Now I am not saying all Jewish groups and people on the left got on the Nazi Pope Benedict train. In fact sadly even those Jews on the right sometimes indulge this ant Catholic sentiment. However it has been enough(especially with Pope Pius the XII) that it is significant to note.

During World War II people (Jews and Non Jew Alike) had to make tough moral choices that were life and death. We really have no business second guessing their character now. All sides do this.

So I disagree with BECK and his observations on Soros in this instance QUITE STRONGLY. However this standard that Beck appears to be applying to Soros is not much different than what certain Jewish groups and individuals have applied to Pope Pius XII and even Pope Benedict. Both are quite wrong.


Rick67 said...

This is one of the reasons I enjoy your blog. Well said.

James H said...

Thanks. Yeah there si a double standard here and I think in matters like this people are not practicing what they are preaching.

In other words none of us live in vacumn and we take our cues from each other how to act

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