Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Theology of the Trial - Important Jewish Law Prof Tells Jews To Embrace the Death of Jesus

John Allen has a fascinating interview with a man that is a big dog in Catholic Jewish relations. He is also a big dog in the controversies in Europe right now too.

See Tackling taboos on Jews and Christians, the cross and deicide

It's a great interview and hits on a lot of subjects. However this work he is doing on the Theology of the Trial is what grabbed my eye. It will be controversial to say the least when finished in both Jewish and Christian circles.

See also Deicide and the eternal covenant


Rick67 said...

When I first saw your post I didn't pay too much attention to it. Took a second look, read the article, and *wow*. Fascinating stuff. He says some powerful things that Jews and Christians both need to hear.

I might post about this on my own blog and throw in a paper I wrote in seminary on Romans 10. When Paul says "All Israel will be saved" that's exactly what he means.

James H said...

Hey, Yes it was an interesting interview and I am shocked I have not heard of him before.

Catholic Jewish relations are always tense and this seems to go across the Jewish political spectrum. I hate to say this but it seems at times like a default bash Catholic mode. Shoot first ask questions later. So I am glad to see him on the scene

Plus his thoughts on the political situation in Europe I think needs to heard.

I find his Theology of trial interesting though as one of the comment says I am not sure how he gets past the whole I come to fulfill the law not abolish it stuff