Friday, January 21, 2011

Dr Al Mohler and Why I Am Not A Libertarian

Dr Mohler has a good article on the recent UK Court case deal with Christians that own a Bed and Breakfast. See “Now it is the Other Way Around” — The Moral Revolution in Full View

Gay advocates very much get the logic of law and morals. That is as Lincoln said:

"that if we conceded that slavery were right, then all words against it would be wrong, and may rightly be swept away."

Again I think gay right advocates very much get the real logic of laws and morals. What we see above is just the logical consequences of that.

From Lincoln we go to the famous , and even now somewhat controversial ,Bob Jones University Case. There the Supreme Court allowed the Govt to withdraw a tax exemption from a University that forbid interracial dating.

Conservative Justice Rehnquist who dissented from the case said this:
The Court points out that there is a strong national policy in this country against racial discrimination. To the extent that the Court states that Congress in furtherance of this policy could deny tax-exempt status to educational institutions that promote racial discrimination, I readily agree. But, unlike the Court, I am convinced that Congress simply has failed to take this action and, as this Court has said over and over again, regardless of our view on the propriety of Congress' failure to legislate we are not constitutionally empowered to act for it.

Of course there was never any national policy or statute by the United States engaging interracial dating. However the Justice was right in some ways that a new regime of doing things had come into being.

Libertarians that often for gay marriage say Live and Let Live. They envision a world where people can contract with whom they want, do business with whom they want, say what they want, rent to whom you want ,and associate or not to associate with whom you want.

Well that would be great I suppose if you like that kind of society !! However history has shown us that is a fantasy land. They might advocate gay unions as a consistent part of their libertarian viewpoint but there is a big problem.

That problem is a whole new regime of laws will come into place to protect and even promote this new fundamental right. To employment laws to what is taught in the public schools.

In other words if the underlying sexual act is a RIGHT in the words of Lincoln all things that oppose that must be swept away.

That is just the way of things. And if you disagree with it and don't decide to live in a cave somewhere Libertarian pipe dreams will not be able to protect you.

That is just the way it is.

No matter if you are pro gay marriage or anti gay marriage there will be a morality put into place that sanctions those that disagree by the force of law in the end.

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