Monday, January 17, 2011

Can Married Catholic Deacons and Priests Have Sex With Their Wives Legally? (Updated)

This has sort of been interesting to watch. It's a good topic that I suspect will not be handled well in the blog-sphere and GOD help us if the secular media picks this up.

It deals with subject of orders, canon law, sexuality, theology, the Church East and West, Tradition, Scripture ,etc etc. The Anchoress introduces the main participants in this discussion right now. I expect a lot more. See Deacons in the Center Ring!

I am going to refrain comment until I read Edwards Peter's paper but I have thoughts.

On another interesting Deacon note on something that I am actually more interested in see A deacon item that has nothing to do with sex

Maybe Louisiana's own ABITA DEACON will chime in on both these subjects.

Update- Abita Deacon has a good post on this now. See Beating up on Deacons; no big deal.
I left a comment that should be up after he approves it (it is very early when I posted it). As I said there I don't think it is the intention of the men to beat up on Deacons. But read it all. I am actually more interested on the other Deacon issue I mention in this post and Abita Deacon talks about that. I intend to download Peter's paper today and after I finish reading it I will comment more on both issues.

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Deacon Mike said...

Look at Canon 1042

The discussion on the diaconate re: celibacy and continence is going nowhere.

Will post something soon.