Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things Media Need To Know When Writing About Guns

I fear they will not read this but maybe one media soul will wander upon this link and another and another if we all link it.

From NRO see How to Write About Firearms


Andy said...

I couldn't agree more. Reporters talking about firearms is equivalent to me opining about ballet. Just a lack of comprehension. I can't imagine the Founding Fathers only sought to protect hunting and sport shooting rights. First, I would imagine nearly all males in mid-18th century America hunted. To enshrine the right to hunt in the constitution would be analogous to enshrining the right to drink coffee. Also, was there such a thing a sport shooting in the mid-18th century? The only examples I can think of would be dueling and shooting birds with no intention of eating them.

James H said...

I would just find it progress it they appeared to have an idea what a Semi-Automatic actually was

Andy said...

Ha! You mean, GASP, the guns that fire every time you pull the trigger?