Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Political Civility - Scripture Gives Us No Easy Answer

Not only does the Archdiocese of Washington have one of the best Diocese web site blogs it is also one of the best Catholic blogs period. No doubt this is partly because Msgr. Charles Pope writes so many of the posts.

Today he has one of those posts that is worth printing out and keeping. See Concerns for Civility: What Do The Scriptures Teach Us?

Being that they are in D.C. the center of politics it seems apt someone give their observations.

After the seeing the Scripture citations it looks like a mix bag. But Msgr Pope goes on to make several points. The biggest of which is that culture plays a big role in this. He also keys on the fact that since the United States is a rather bigger place cultural norms as to what is civil might differ from region to region.

As he points out there is a balance and well You Know When You See It

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