Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Church of England Might Dumb Down Baptism Rite

Sigh!! It is interesting that the Catholic Church as to the Liturgy seems to be going in an opposite direction. NOTE THIS WILL NOT END WELL. Do they do small mini homilies on the C of E at Baptisms? It could be explained. This line struck me

He said the tension between understandability and historic theological references was “as sharp as ever” in rites such as baptism involving large numbers of people including parents and godparents who are “unchurched”.

One of the passages highlighted by the group was the Prayer over Water, during the baptismal service, which speaks of the children of Israel being led from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the Promised Land.


Mail Online: The christening without much Christianity: Anglican church offers ‘baptism lite’ to attract non-worshippers
Liverpool Echo: Church of England plea to make church services less baffling for non-churchgoers

Tip of the Hat to Thinking Anglicans

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