Monday, January 24, 2011

Boy Do I Fell Old Today

Boy I wish I missed this fact today!!

Today in birthdays news: Aaron Neville is 70 and Gennifer Flowers is 61.

What????? How did that happen.

Update- Note not my Birthday today . Just saw this today and went OUCH


Jim said...

Saw that on your Twitter feed and just put up on my Facebook page with a video of 'Tell it Like it Is' from 1966. 1966, I was 19 years old.
We don't just feel old, we ARE old!

Rick67 said...

Happy birthday! (We're born in same month.) God grant you many years.

James H said...

HEy Rick. Oh it is not my Birthday but thanks for the thought :) I need to clarify that in my post I see now that I look at ti


I guess as they say times fly. Once I thought it about it it made sense he was 70 but it still made me take a step back :)