Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lord Help Us- Father Alberto Cutie Might Get Another TV Show!! (Updated)

MCJ has the link at KILL ME

Father Cutie is of course the former Catholic priest that was having an affair with a woman. In short order he left not only the Catholic Priesthood but became an Episcopal Priest.

I REALLY think this bears watching. No doubt the media will build this up as a great thing. Further I think it is significant that the Episcopal Church USA will have their first nationwide voice since well I don't when. That would not be so bad if it was not for the fact that Father Cutie seems to think the Episcopal Church is now correct on all sort of matters besides married clergy. Those issues are needless to say "progressive" in nature. In other words since the TEC embraced him so fast so publicly it is natural he will not be in opposition to their positions on nationwide TV. From women Priests to perhaps even the official position of the TEC that abortion should be legal in the good ole USA.

So for the first time we might actually have a "Priest" advocating for homosexual civil unions and all sort of things in front of a nationwide audience. The fact that Father Cutie has certain Latino appeal should not be overlooked either.

In other words Father Cutie becomes much more than just a Catholic problem but a problem to a lot of Protestant and Evangelical Churches that disagree where certain faith communities are going.

Well things could get interesting fast on that front could it not? The "progressive" league of the Christianity might actually have their own TV preacher for a change.

Now I am not sure what the content of this hour long show will be. I am think this needs to be watched.

Update- Opening markets detailed here for trial run


Andy said...

Fr. Cutie missed his calling, he would have been a perfect politician.

James H said...

You are so right!! What is ad and frightening is when he was a Catholic Priest he appeared to be so genuine. I mean how can you trust someone that seems to flip overnight. SOunds like a media hound to me