Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lake Charles Requires $600 Dollar Registration Fee For Sex Offenders

It appears they are quite blunt that this is too drive them out of town.

First where is exactly Lake Charles getting this grant of power from. I suppose it must(well maybe not) exist somewhere but it is escaping me now where it is at.

I think this is likely UNCONSTITUTIONAL especially looking at the intent here. Even if there is some statute (and there might be) that says one has to always register for the Rest of your life the 600 bucks seems excessive. Which of course it is because the purpose is not just to pay for the cost of registration .

What if in a drive to get Drunk Drivers out of town we said if you ever got a DWI got to pay a 1000 dollar registration fee. Can we do fees on shoplifters?

This sounds insane.

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Anonymous said...

I do think there are a few that are going to sue the city, keep an eye!