Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Important Southern Supporter Going Bonkers Over Proposed UNO / SUNO Merger (Update)

UPDATE- The Hayride has a good post on this here and the fallout.

Well there have been big hints that the proposal to merge UNO (University of New Orleans) and SUNO (Southern University of New Orleans was more than just talk.

Looks like Jindal is seriously looking at it from a new conference today.

However one important Southern supporterand grad not too happy.

Calvin Lester tweets:
I do object vehemently to the merger between SUNO and UNO. Louisiana needs fewer colleges like an alcoholic needs less rehab.

Yeah ok whatever. It appears are others are not too happy either.

Oh well I think it needs to be done.


Rick said...

"Louisiana needs fewer colleges like an alcoholic needs less rehab."

Actually we need fewer colleges and university campuses like an alcoholic needs less booze. Which is to say I agree with you James.

This state desperately needs to *consolidate and combine* all these unnecessarily superfluous branches/campuses. Hello? State budget shortfall?

James H said...

I so agree. The issue here in reality is power, influence, position ,and patronage.

All these boards hire people, all the people on those baords have influence on hiring others. That is a BIG part of this.

It seems in NOLA we have this choice. Two underfuned un achieving college or one college that can be far better

To me the answer is simple