Friday, January 14, 2011

Pope Benedict Bucks Tradition In Making Surprise Aux Bishop Appointment To Indianapolis. - Fr Christopher Coyne

Lots of Catholic things will be in the air today. For Friday the moves on Sainthood for John Paul the II will be the big news today. I will post my thoughts on that later today.

However Pope Benedict made two Bishop appointments today in the USA. First he appointed Fr Mark Bartchak, until now judicial vicar of Erie, as bishop of Altoona-Johnstown, which is a diocese in Central and Western Pennsylvania. Well congrats to him and maybe we can talk about him later.

However the shocker was in the land of race cars , and the colts. That is very highly thought after Fr Christopher Coyne of Boston -was made auxiliary to Archbishop Daniel Buechlein of Indianapolis.

Bartchak became the public spokesman for the Church in the tragic sexual abuse scandal in which Boston was in many ways Ground Zero!! In the background here is the failing health of the Archbishop of Indianapolis in the last two years.

Whispers who always does a grand job of reporting this Bishops appointments with the most detail and often first out did himself today. See his must read post

Beantown Spokesman... Brickyard Bishop: In Stunner, Boston's Coyne Flipped to Indy

There is a lot of interesting history on the man and the facts why this move is pretty much without precedent on the shores of the USA.

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