Friday, January 28, 2011

Dean and Rector of Episcopal Gethsemane Cathedral, Fargo To Become Catholic Priest (Links) (Updated)

UPDATE- Knew I should have checked out Anglo Catholic first. See Dean of Fargo's Episcopal Cathedral Set to Enter the Catholic Church .

Update II- Looking at the Angloc Catholic post again still not 100 percent clear he is going the new Ordinariate route.


Tip of the Hat to MCJ for this

See N.D. Dean Leaving Earlier than Planned.

The reason I am highlighting this is I was curious to see if this involved possible new Ordinariate activity in North Dakota.

It appears that if he is going the Ordinariate route as he crosses the Tiber it will not be in North Dakota. See end of PDF Church Bulletin where he announces he is leaving and going back "home" to Houston.

Please know that Dixie and I will hold all of you in our hearts as we move our household back
to Houston, Texas, where Dixie has been teaching elementary school music the past 18 months,
as our family has been forced to adjust to the new financial realities in this diocese and at the Cathedral.
A new avenue and opportunity for priestly ministry has been opened for me in Houston,
and I look forward to the new direction the Lord has brought into my life. Please know that we
love all of you very much.

Well we know one thing!! He is not likely going to get a PAY RAISE in the Catholic Church LOL.

Still it is sort of interesting as a side note that Episcopal are having what appears money woes in that Diocese. Wonder what is up with that. It could be that the Diocese is just very small and thus is strapped.

Returning to the good Father, I am not assuming he is going the Ordinariate route.

However; Houston has a strong Ordinariate base and Cardinal Dinardo is a strong supporter which will be critical in this transition to the new governance. I will look at what the Anglo Catholic blogs are saying to see if they have any hints.

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