Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Protest Over Too Religious Speaker For Air Force Academy Prayer Breakfast

First they came for the Fundamentalist
Then they came for the Evangelicals
and Then .......

Huffington Post has Air Force Academy Speaker Thinks USMC Means 'United States Marines for Christ'

There are many so called objections but here is one that have so many people upset over former Marine Lt. Clebe McClary:
Other statements from McClary make it clear that, to him, only born again Christians are "real" Christians. McClary's message not only excludes members of all non-Christian religions, but many Christians as well, making him a completely inappropriate choice for an Air Force Academy event that should be inclusive of members of all faiths.

I suspect that at the Prayer Breakfast the good former Lt will not being going off on the errors of Rome , or how the Episcopals got it wrong etc etc. I suspect he will largely focus on what unites us .

Regardless it is a PRAYER BREAKFAST and among Christians yes even Fundamentalists and Evangelicals that believe like him appear all the time . It is no big deal.

I am actually more concerned that there is an attempt to say people of a faith that represent a sizable part of the United States and it's military are person non grata.

So folks get a life.


A Catholic

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