Saturday, March 10, 2012

Restricting Catholic Religious Liberty Is Just a Side Job For Episcopal Priest Dr. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale

It's pretty amazing when we have a Episcopal Clergy person who heads up a major Seminary advocating this. See Evil consequences of evil positions

Rev Dr. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale has other hobbies besides wanting to be able to take your child out of state without your consent for an abortion .

In her spare time she is working to restrict Catholic relgious liberty. In fact she is upset that it's not going far enough!! See she is a major player in that .

See On Your Knees, Pro-Lifers (UPDATED) on how her Religious Reproductive Lobby was upset the HHS Mandate did not go far enough.

So we live in a world where a person can advocate restricting Catholic liberty is A OK ,and at the same time CITING Conscious for the ability to take your daughter out of state without your consent for a medical procedure.

It's a MAD MAD MAD world and not the funny Movie kind.


SJ Reidhead said...

That's what gives Episcopalians a bad name!

The Pink Flamingo

Kurt said...

I think the HHS compromise is fine but strongly object to taking kids across state lines for an abortion.

James H said...


Yeah it just seems taking kids over State lines with Parents knowledge is well just bizaree