Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pope Benedict Trip To Mexico ( Links )

Appears the media ( oh he is not John Paul II so people are not excited ) meme is wrong again. I am reading up to 700,000 people showed up just to see the arrival of the Successor of Peter AKA Pope Benedict.

Here are some links for arrival yesterday and events today. This shall be updated

Vatican Radio has some good articles up:

There is some interesting background on where the Pope is at today. See Guanajuato: A spiritual heartland

The wonderful Vatican reporter John Allen has a good overview of the Mexico Cuba trip. See

From the press we have Pope's arrival in Mexico sparks surprising emotion ( I am not surprised )

I got hung up this weekend on some natters so sorry for the lack of updates. I will be able to do better on the Cuba Phase of the visit which starts tody.

There were not a huge number of events in public. But here are links to the Papal Text

Ther will be a new post fo the Cuba phase. Pope Benedict shoud be arriving there about 1 : 30 pm Central Standard time.

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