Friday, March 30, 2012

Louisiana Catholic State Wide Update March 30, 2012

Again I am looking for more Louisiana Catholic social media to link so as always leave that in the comments.

Archdiocese of New Orleans-

Abitadeacon highlights the appearance of Cardinal Dolan on Fox the other night at Cardinal Dolan on Bill O'Reilly

Till April 11 by going to Lunch at Cafe Hope can get you free Hornets tickets

Louisiana and NOLA expat Da Mihi Animas has Prayer: A Pilgrimage through Difficult Wilderness , and
Catholicism: The Real Dark Night

Hosuton we have a problem. New head of Notre Dame Seminary in this hometown profile swears he will not become a Saints Football fan.

Diocese of Shreveport -

Truth and Charity has Spring Break! (from what?)

Diocese of Lafayette-

From the From The Recamier notes that yesterday was a date of significant note for the Knights of Columbus.

Baseball Players at a major Catholic School acting badly gets them suspended from Post Season play

Diocese of Baton Rouge-

The Brown Pelican Society has a ton of links up today. Here are a few. Via Dolorosa , Daily Reading & Meditation: Friday: (March 30) , and Conscience Concerns Could Prove Decisive in Health Care Ruling says Jesuit Priest and Scholar

From the Baton Rouge Catholic Newspaper - Message of hope found in the cross given at Lenten day of reflection

This is a interesting . Elements of a historic Syracuse church could find a home in Louisiana. As You can tell at the gallery link the windows are beautiful.

Diocese of Lake Charles -

Father has a post at Birthdays will never be the same


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St. Joseph Abbey has a new vocations video online. I linked it on my blog, but here's the url:

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AHH thanks I will put that in the Louisiana post tommorow