Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Orleans Saints Coaches Speak About Bounty- Gate and Catholic Male Spirituality

When I saw this talk announced, I was wondering if the "elephant in the room" would be discussed. The Saint's Scandal was breaking at the time. The New Orleans Catholic Newspaper has a write up at Saints’ coaches address the ‘elephant’ in the church on what happened.

...Bounty-gate” – the name given to the incentive program under which Saints’ defensive players were given cash rewards if they forced a player to the sidelines with a hard hit – was on everyone’s mind.
“I’ve been asked to address the last person in this room – the one sitting right here in the middle of the aisle today – and that’s the white elephant that has become this bounty-gate,” said Malone, tight ends coach for the Saints.
Malone said he struggled to decide what to say “because there’s a big difference in how I feel and what I want to say about this situation and what I really should say.” He said he felt better when he read the recent statement by quarterback Drew Brees, who said he had no knowledge of the “real existence” of the program.
“What you have to understand and what you have to believe in is that this organization we built with the Saints is built with men of integrity, with men of character, with men who really love working here,” Malone said. “And when something like this happens, it hurts us to the core. Quite frankly, it makes me really mad.
“I’m just going to tell you this – we have a strong foundation, we have men of character and integrity, and men who are going to be able to weather the storm. I guarantee this will make us a stronger team, a stronger organization and more committed than ever to bring a Super Bowl back to the city.”

In his talk, Lombardi, the Saints’ quarterbacks coach, touched on the bounty program tangentially.
“In my opinion, I’m tolerant of people’s failings, of people sins, because I know we’re all sinners,” Lombardi said. “But I’m not tolerant of someone looking me in the eye and telling me that wrong is right

In some way the Saints are sort of a metaphor of the problems the Church has gone though recently when I hear Coach Malone talk. It hurts when something you love and are devoted to do wrong , but it does not make it bad nor the all the people in it.

Further being purged of wrong through tribulations makes one more stronger. Coach Malone is saying what the Pope has been basically saying.


Anyway they talk more on this as well as Catholic male spirituality. Read the whole thing.

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