Friday, March 9, 2012

Christus St. Patrick Hospital In Lake Charles Has Sudden Break With Lafayette Developer Glenn Stewart ( Catholic Health )

I just saw this posted. The Independent seems to acts there is something behind all this smoke in this rather big write up. See Lake Charles hospital cuts ties with Glenn Stewart.

Sound like something is going on here. What I don't know. Seems whatever it sounds something shady like.


Anonymous said...

Stewart was arrested in Lafayette on Mardi Gras for 2nd degree battery. He punched a 41-year-old third-grade teacher in the face, knocking her unconscious. Then he stood over her and took photographs of her while she was knocked out. The woman had attempted to remove a banner from Stewart's float before a parade. The banner showed a huge mugshot of the woman's stepmother, along with a message about her. The stepmother had been arrested for a DUI a year ago, and the stepdaughter didn't want the banner to roll in the parade. I'm guessing this is the incident that persuaded Christus that they needed to separate themselves from Stewart.

James H said...

AHH that might have been it

Anonymous said...

wow. that is crazy