Friday, March 23, 2012

Today SNAP In Reckless Manner Accuses Bishop Provost Diocese of Lake Charles of Sex Abuse Cover Up In Louisiana Ex Priest Arrest

Today a sad event in Diocese of Lake Charles. See Former Priest living in Duson accused of molesting boy while in priesthood This alleged incident happened between 1986 and 1989. He left the Priesthood in 1994.
As you can see the Diocese is one the informed the authotites once they got information from the alleged victim

Now SNAP responds. See Statement from SNAP on predator priest arrest

This is the sort of typical NAPLAM statement throwing accusations not worry about facts response we see from SNAP often sadly . A tactic that I think does more harm than good in dealing with sexual abuse in the Church.

We hope that Louisiana law enforcement officials will look beyond Fr. Broussard's crimes and investigate the clear cover-up that took place at St. Henry Catholic Church. Officials at the Diocese of Lake Charles, especially Bishop Glen John Provost should become targets of this investigation as well. The fact that they knew of Fr. Broussard's disturbing crimes and relocated him instead of turning him over to police is egregious and should be severely punished.

Investigate the Bad BISHOP!! The huge problem is Bishop John Provost was not the Bishop them. In fact he was not even in the Diocese of LAKE CHARLES. He was in the DIOCESE OF LAFAYETTE.

From the time period mentioned:

Bishop Provost was ordained to the priesthood for the Diocese of Lafayette by Pope Paul VI on June 29, 1975 in St Peter's Basilica in Rome. He served as an Associate Pastor at Our Lady Queen of Heaven in Lake Charles during the summer of 1975. He was Associate Pastor of St. Mary Magdalene in Abbeville, 1975-1983; Pastor of St. Leo in Roberts Cove, 1983-1985, Pastor of St. John Cathedral, 1985-1998, and Pastor of Our Lady of Fatima, 1998-March 6, 2007.

He served as a Judge on the Diocese of Lafayette Tribunal, was a member of the Diocesan School Board, 1987-1996, Vice Chairman of the Council of Priests, 2005-2006; Chairman of the Council of Priests, 1989-1991, 2006-2007; Member of the Council of Priests, 2001-2007; Episcopal Vicar and Dean of the West Lafayette Deanery, a Diocesan Consultor, 1991-2007; and a board member of the Lafayette Catholic Service Center/Opelousas Housing Corporation, 1996-2000. Bishop Provost served as the Bishop's Liaison to the Legal Community, and was an instructor in the Department of Theology for Church History, Aquinas Institute, Holy Cross College, Lafayette/New Orleans.

The Diocese of Lake Charles was formed in 1980. The Bishop was ordained a Priest in 1975 where it appears he had a brief encounter with what is now the Diocese of Lake Charles right out of Seminary. He served as an Associate Pastor at Our Lady Queen of Heaven in Lake Charles during the summer of 1975. He then was moved to what is still the Diocese of Lafayette that same year. He was Associate Pastor of St. Mary Magdalene in Abbeville, 1975-1983.

Yet SNAP is demanding a criminal investigation of Bishop Provost. Before they send out statements they need to get their facts straight. Most Dioceses have BIO pages. The more you know

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Anonymous said...

Bishop Jude Spreyer(?) was bishop then I believe. To me it makes no difference what his name is. EVERY person that knew of the abuse and didn't report it to the police were and are just as guilty as Broussard. Even the deceased.... And cover up? It most CERTAINLY was!