Monday, March 26, 2012

Will Wisconsin Republicans Busy With Defending Governor From Recall Hurt Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum's victory in Louisiana was impressive. He carried all Parishes besides New Orleans. Also in most Parishes his victory was considerable. I was expecting him to win ,but not by that fashion.

Now we are too Wisconsin that has a slightly different voter make up that Wisconsin perhaps. This is a huge test for Rick Santorum.

The problem for both Santorum , Newt and Romney is Republican volunteers are sort of busy right now defending their Governor against a Democratic recall.

Ann Alhouse has "Reince, I hate to burst your bubble, but nobody in Wisconsin is talking about the presidential primary."

One has to think this might affect Rick Santorum and Newt more and in fact could be critical. Santorum really depends on the enthusiasm of his flock to to GOTV and compete against Romney money and ads. So it will be interesting to see how they counter this problem.

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APOV said...

The Republicans of Louisiana spoke loud and clear that they choose Santorum to be POTUS, and it will have absolutely ZERO effect. The people of Louisiana have been made completely irrelevant to the presidential elections, and that will not change as long as the electoral college is in effect.