Thursday, March 22, 2012

D.C. Media Outlet's Cruel Use of "Fetus" In Criminal Attack That Killed Unborn Child

I really can't imagine how hurtful this news article might be to the woman, father, and family involved if they saw it. See from D.C. Pregnant Woman Loses Fetus After Stabbing Attack in Southeast D.C.


I mean it's a 8 month unborn child. Everyone really GETS THAT but for politics we go into this language. Even most of the very pro choice people I know would be calling something that likely could survive on it's on at 8 months a child. The "Fetus" was even delievered and NAMED for Heaven's sake.


Lazy Disciple said...

There is something eerily consistent in this: note that the article reports the death of the fetus. Under ROman law, the foetus was not simply a naciturn. A fully-birthed human was called foetus until the legal father of the child recognized it. At that point the foetus became an infans. In the name of civilizational progress, we have returned to the moral and legal sensibilities of Pagan antiquity.


James H said...

That is a interesting point considering rather troubling things being said about ethics of infanticide lately