Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Should Mixed Race Children Self ID As Black ? - A NYT Piece

The Volokh Conspiracy has a discussion going over a NYT piece that seemed not to strangely get a lot of attention. See Racial “Obligations” of Mixed-Race People.

I have to say I have very mixed feelings here. Let me give my viewpoints that are not set in stone .

- I sort of share the unease that the poster of this this piece has

- I do think though Children should know and appreciate their heritage

- Children should also be aware of the wrongs done to their ancestors

-I do realize we are not at exactly post racial problems Nirvana yet.

- I am bothered that it seems this is being seen through a BLACK /WHITE DYNAMIC only. What about Latinos, Hispanics, Asians , etc. Should Latinos as to their proud diverse heritage , and perhaps a more welcome concept of race and ethnicity be trumped?

-The whole underlying political tone of the argument is slightly bothersome.

-In fact it seems the "browning" of America ,and what that mean politics wise is in the background here.

-Also what is "black". I am not sure the experience of a recent African immigrant should be so closely linked with the particular experience and history of Slave and Free people of Color black Americans. I have noticed that many African immigrants I have met find this annoying. Especially when they are told what political box they should be in.

-What about Blacks from let's say the Caribbean. Why there might be some similarites in past oppression in places it is the same enough dynamic ?

-Finally regardless of the races and ethnic groups involved how does such a pushing of a dynamic on a child affect extended family relationships

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