Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pope Benedict In Cuba Day 3 ( Links)

LONG LONG DAY, Not much blogging , but I was able to catch the Pope's excellent Homily to end his Cuba trip.

Here are some links:

The picture above is part of the big newsday for the Holy See , and Latin American. Whispers notes that was the shot of the day.

Whispers also has the full text of the Pope Homily that was closely watched for obvious reasons. See "Cuba Needs Change": The Pope's Island Farewell

The Catholic News Agency had quite a charming story last night. SO HOPE I can find some pictures. See Benedict XVI meets his 'spiritual Godmother' in Santiago de Cuba . Also at their site see Pope asks Raúl Castro to declare Good Friday a Cuban holiday , and Spokesman reveals Pope discussed Cuban dissidents with Castro.

There is a big side story beside the Pope. That is the limited amount of Cuban American Catholics allowed to come for the trip many exiles. Here is just one taste of that in Cuban-American in emotional return to family home

I hope this is not as bad as it seems “As soon as the Pope leaves, we are going to disappear you all.” See A Helluva Text Message

I will try to have huge wrap up tommorow.

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