Thursday, March 22, 2012

We Should All Be Like Houston Texas Catholic Vietnamese - The New Evangelization

I found what Cardinal Dinardo says here in this article Pope welcomes news of rapid Church growth in Texas interesting.

...The ethnic diversity of that new Catholic community is now such that Mass can often be offered in 18 different languages across the diocese each Sunday. The main influx has come from other parts of the U.S. such as the Midwest or north-east and also from other parts of the Americas.

“Houston also has the largest Vietnamese population outside Orange County in California,” explained Cardinal DiNardo.

The city has 135,000 Vietnamese of which about 30,000 are Catholic. That figure is rising, said the Cardinal, as many Vietnamese are now converting from Buddhism to Catholicism.
He described the trend as “very interesting” and ascribed it to the intensity with which Vietnamese Catholics practice their faith.

Cardinal DiNardo said the “huge influx” of people from all over the world and from elsewhere in the U.S. has produced “a grand enrichment and a very positive flavor to Catholicism.” Added to a “Texan informality” and the result has been a faith which “people find very welcoming.”

This has been “extremely helpful,” he said, in making people feel “attached” to the Church so that “we can then deepen more in terms of formation and catechesis.”

I often find it interesting that relative to their small numerical size in places Vietnamese Catholic seem to give so much more back to the Church compared to others stat wise. I see that in Louisiana in such things as Vocations at times.

Seems we see this on Steroids in Houston. Imagaine if we all acted like Texan Vietnamese.

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