Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thoughts On Bishops Of Wisconsin's Pastoral On New Conceal and Carry Firearm Law

The Bishops of Wisconsin has issued a interesting Pastoral on the new conceal and carry firearm law. It is interesting that one can sense that the right to bear arms might be even a more touchy issue than the Union issue was earlier this year. I am struck it appears that they of right now it appears they are leaving it up to Parishes if well one can brings arm to Church.

One thing I wish they would have clarifed is bringing firearms to Church building and such where the MASS IS NOT SAID.

Church activites that can be associated with hunting activities I think are a major plus especially for youth. So it would seem for instance activities surroundig the opening day of Deer season and such that revolve around a Parish would be a good common sense exception.

That being said I really think that beyond Law enforcement there is really no need to carry a firearm to Mass.

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