Wednesday, November 16, 2011

From Heated Battles With The KKK to Modern Day Secularism Univ of Florida Catholic Student Center Fights On ( Updated Link Fixed)

This is pretty nice write up on the Catholic Student Center at the University of Florida. Whose past problems included the Klan castrating their Priest which brought forth a well armed Knights of Columbus to defend the building. It talks about the problems of today that the Center is facing , a sort of new Anti Catholicism as it were, and what it is doing to combat it. The Univ of Florida and its Catholics appears one of those places where they are getting it right.

See University of Florida Catholics Boldly Witness to Christ


Andy said...

Looks like you mis-linked the article.

James H said...

GOsh I hate that. I was out of town most of yeaster day and just seeing your comment . Thanks