Thursday, November 10, 2011

Second in In Command At Vatican In Uproar Over Vatican Banking Document ( Updated- Maybe Not )

This is pretty interesting. See Too Much Confusion. Bertone Puts the Curia Under Lock and Key.

Now to be honest I think there is some difference of opinion when the Cardinal Sec of State saw the document. I suspect the truth is in between and that he actually got to read it and technically approve it being released after it had been leaked all over the place. But the fact it appears he did not get the document till such a late hour ( if this report is true from a generally good Vatican observer and reporter) shows a problem

I also think there is another part of this drama. The perhaps unexpected explosion on this document also took off lens off the Holy Sees push in immigration and migration concerns that was happening that same week. Which the Holy See has a lot more invested in , as well as Catholic around the world, than the proposals in the Banking document. But that is my speculation.

Update- Alternative view here at Did Cardinal Bertone really ‘disown’ the document on economic reform? They pick up on what I talked about up in the post about the fact that it was announced he did in fact read the document. I suspect here the truth is somewhere in the middle as to the reaction among Holy See factions.

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