Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mississippi Zionist Pentecostals Attack Eastern Orthodox Hermitage ?

I saw this interesting post Orthodox monastery in Mississippi desecrated

....In 1979 Hieromonk Eliah Yakovian returned from the Holy Land and founded the Palestinian Hermitage of the Burning Bush on the Forrest county line just outside Petal, MS. The hermitage was one of the more humble houses of poverty in the United States and as closely as possible resembled a cave dwelling in the Kidron Valley.

For over thirty years Fr. Eliah lived a life of harsh asceticism at the Hermitage with little contact except for the internet and his friends, the wildlife.Recently, health issues forced Fr. Eliah to go to a hospital in Boston, MA. While out of town, the hermitage was all but knocked to the ground and is no longer livable. Priceless liturgical antiquities from the Holy Land as well as Icons were desecrated and strewn about on the ground.

The vast Library which contained irreplaceable theological works in several languages were also left out in the elements.Authorities claim that it is most likely not Albanian Muslims, but the work of the local Pentecostal Zionists that were after the Land the monastery grounds are located on, and were probably totally ignorant of the fact that the Hermitage was a Christian house of worship having heard the word "Palestinian" used in reference to the Hermitage. Fr. Eliah has been granted asylum at HTM where he is recovering.

Hmm. Well as you can see from the comments this happens months ago and I must say I am doubtful of the Mississippi Pentecostal Zionist story line here. Still this Monk having a hermitage in Mississippi of all places seems like a fascinating story. I would like to know more about him

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