Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Archbishop Dolan's Rally Speech to Restore the United States Catholic Church

This quite the speech by Archbishop Dolan. I wish ever Priest and Deacon would read it in their Parish this Sunday. See The King's Speech . Here is a part:

...Perhaps, brethren, our most pressing pastoral challenge today is to reclaim that truth, to restore the luster, the credibility, the beauty of the Church “ever ancient, ever new,” renewing her as the face of Jesus, just as He is the face of God. Maybe our most urgent pastoral priority is to lead our people to see, meet, hear and embrace anew Jesus in and through His Church.Because, as the chilling statistics we cannot ignore tell us, fewer and fewer of our beloved people -- to say nothing about those outside the household of the faith -- are convinced that Jesus and His Church are one.

As Father Ronald Rolheiser wonders, we may be living in a post-ecclesial era, as people seem to prefer

a King but not the kingdom,

a shepherd with no flock,

to believe without belonging,

a spiritual family with God as my father, as long as I’mthe only child,

“spirituality” without religion

faith without the faithful

Christ without His Church.

So they drift from her, get mad at the Church, grow lax, join another, or just give it all up.If this does not cause us pastors to shudder, I do not know what will...

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