Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Georgia Supreme Court Gives A Victory to National Church Bodies In Church Property Cases

One little facet of this blog is that I keep track of the major Church property cases that are happening all over the country in recent years. The Georgia State Supreme Court with a very divided Court just issued two huge opinions.

Basically ruling in favor of the interest of the National Episcopal and Presbyterian bodies over the local congregations.

See Georgia Supreme Court Awards Christ Church to Diocese on Implied Trust Theory via Anglican Curmudgeon .

Very significant.


Anonymous said...

Meaning that the courts consider these 'Eccesial Communities - as opposed to real churches - to be hierarchical in the real, juridical sense. Conservative Episcopalians will in the future just walk away from their buildings, as opposed to protracted legal battles. While it is good for the Catholic Church in the US, it only encourages the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church aka 'Litigating Kate' (an ex-Catholic) to accelerate her pogrom against the remaining conservatives still in that church.

a sad Anglo-Catholic Episcopalian

James H said...

Thats true. Though I do have some hope that the US SUpreme Court might take one of these cases up that are happening around the country to provide some clarity.

I don;t think either side has won yet since there appears to be some confusion nationwide how to apply court precedent