Friday, November 11, 2011

Louisiana Catholic Teenage Ponders A Carmelite Vocation

I really need to start my Louisiana Catholic Blog update again. This weekend I am going to review how many are still active and how many new ones there are too see if its worth the effort.

That being said I came across this very interesting blog and teenage Louisiana girl. See Pilgrim's Paean. Now I encountered her on twitter and I learned she is located somewhere in the Diocese of Lake Charles. For some reason , perhaps because of the vocation she was considering, I thought she was in College. She is not. In fact she is only 15 !!

In fact she is considering very ACTIVELY a Vocation to the Carmelite ORDER perhaps in Lafayette Louisiana.

She her post on that here

I think that is pretty amazing.

I can already see people though just rolling their eyes in this day and age. What is she doing!! She is only 15. What are her parents thinking!! She needs to go to College Etc Etc. Heck I bet some would be thinking of calling Child Protective Services it is so bizarre to them.

Yet we have no problem having college coaches already scouting rreshmen and sophomores High School Football players and giving them offers. HEck at 16 we got kids where we tell them it's the NFL or NBA or MLB or bust baby

We all know parents that have children around this girls age that are suggesting vocations such as doctor or lawyer ( follow in our footsteps as it were). In fact Life is full of parents with their boarding schools , proper summer camps, right connections , that pretty much have their child on a career path at 15 or 16

So why not especially if her calling and vocation is only promoted primarily by the ULTIMATE HIM.

Sort of uplifting. I hope she blogs more.

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Maris Stella said...

I hope I blog more, too!! Hahah Mary, Star of the New Evangelization, pray for us!!