Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Are American Southern Catholics Wary of Talking About Their Faith

I have to admit I was nodding my head at this piece and sadly realizing how I have been guilty of it at times. See
A Catholic in the Bible Belt
How I discovered the line between community and communion, neighborliness and non-negotiables

Many times it is just easy to do what is talked about there but its not a ringing endorsement of 1 Peter 3:15.

Of course this watering down has had an effect at times on the Faith we pass down to our children. It did not help that the Catholic Southern Migration to the South happened about the same time as some confusing and misapplied "Spirit of Vatican II" directives were happening. (Eucharistic Devotion etc)

But I still think the Faith in the South is pretty strong and like many things Southern the situation is not the same everywhere.

With what appears an even more dramatic uptick in Catholic migration to the South happening now and for the forseeablbe future coupled with a return to CATHOLIC ID . Tradition, and doctrine it will be interesting to see if this dynamic changes.

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