Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Catholic Pundit James Carroll Says Catholic Bishops Are Moving to the " Right " - Balderdash

Faith in the Public Life for some reason thinks this James Carroll column is a great read. See their post The Catholic Bishops and Religious Liberty: The Big Picture.

I find it pretty unconvincing myself . True it has a lot of scare quotes and of course the strong underlying message that we should not be associating with these conservative Evangelicals. How distasteful. James Carroll perhaps is searching to use a religious term similar to "white trash" that is used in the South but he gets close enough.

Of course the United States Catholics Bishop both at the national level and especially the state level are all involved with issues involving State Budgets, immigration related issues, the poor, education, etc etc. However if you don't report it I suppose it does not happen and thus we can just throw "religious right around like there is no tomorrow. The Bishops can and do walk and chew gum at the same time as they say.

Further as I posted yesterday it's quite apparent that it is not just the Christian "right" that has concerns over the religious liberty concerns. See my post The United States Catholics Bishops Religious Liberty Concerns Bigger Than Birth Control .

One really does not have to a Lawyer too see developments in the past two years, plus a rather alarming position that the Obama Administration took on the ministerial exception in a Supreme Court case, are very concerning. IN fact the Bishops are so rightly concerned they know must perhaps focus in like a laser beam on this to get the point across.

Last point. Have these people on the "non right" ever thought how some of these things the Bishops are concerned about might turn and hurt them in the future? It appears not.

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