Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Silence Still Reigns in Media On Major Southern Baptist Preacher Sex Crimes Scandal- Sammy Nuckolls (Update)

Update- FUGE and Lifeway put out this statement and Q and A today Thankfully as of yet it appears per his computer no evidence of Minors having been involved yet per police

Really Incredible.

We are now coming up on a week soon after major Southern Baptist Sammy Nuckolls Evangelist got arrested and confessed to numerous sex offenses of video voyeurism and as of Wednesday morning not one thing to hit the national wires. It is just one Baptist Press service ( not the official one of the Southern Baptist by the way) , some blogs, and some local TV and newspapers that think this is a big freaking deal.

See Olive Branch Southern Baptist Evangelist Charged with Video Voyeurism for all the links. I disagree with the person posting that there has been a "flood" of new articles on it besides local reporters.

Now I am praying for Pastor Nuckolls. I am also not too thrilled with some tone of Baptist bloggers that despite the crimes here are not exactly talking any compassion on him . Further so far we have no evidence ( thought its real early and the police have just started looking at the computer where many more women are on it) that he videotaped nude underage Southern Baptist Girls. Whatever his sexual problem HE MIGHT have not gone that way. But I have to think people would want to know if any 15, 16, 17, year old Southern Baptist young women were taped. Partly because he had maybe huge access.

"Since 1995 I have been involved with FUGE as a camper, youth pastor, and camp pastor. As a camp pastor each week is different and exciting. It has been wonderful watching students and adults encounter Christ and respond to His truth and His greatness." Sammy Nuckolls on Lifeway's FUGE blog (accessible through Google Reader).

FUGE is major deal as you can see as it relates to the Southern Baptist Convention.

Yet silence. You can have no doubt that if this was Catholic Priest in the same situation it would have been all over the wires and thouands would be twittering about it. Heck even if he was Priest based in no where Mississippi it would have been picked up maybe even international now.

We see this day in day out play out this way.

Again this not to put down the very many good people in FUGE. But as you notice they have not even told anyone about this on their web site. There is a 99 percent chance that if you sent your kids to FUGE, or the many other gatherings where the Pastor might have done an overnight you have no idea to even ask questions.

Again the double standard.


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