Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Intolerant Catholics At Vanderbilt University in Nashville

I mean what are these Vandy Commodores Catholics thinking with such a radical idea as this:

...Vanderbilt Catholic began praying for religious freedom in front of Kirkland Hall earlier this week. Senior Grace Burnworth is president of Vanderbilt Catholic and participates in the daily noon prayers. Burnworth said through this expression of faith, she believes the will of God will prevail.

"Personally, I think Vanderbilt Catholic would not be able to operate with integrity if we could not limit our leaders to Catholics," Burnworth said.
Affiliated Chaplain to Vanderbilt Catholic Father John Sims Baker also suggested Vanderbilt Catholic would not be able to function on campus if the university continued its enforcement of the policy.

"This is a serious issue, it's not just a minor change," Baker said. "We need to be able to say we're a religious organization and that religion is an acceptable criteria for leadership."..

Orthodox Catholics having to lead Catholics how untolerant!!

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