Wednesday, November 16, 2011

80's Roman Catholic Liturgy Hits the Episcopal National Cathedral -Consecration of Mariann Budde

It seems the migration of some Catholicism's best and brightest to the Episcopal Church can be seen in it's fullest glory here at the National Catherdral in the elevation of Bishop Mariann Budde to the Office of Bishop of Washington D.C.

MCJ has the details at TRAIN WRECK . And yes if you look down in the comments there is video of all this.

I have noticed over the years that a good many movers and shakers in the Episcopal Church are former Catholics that have degrees in "alternative Liturgy" or "Sacred space" or something that makes you know to "watch out". If they were not former Catholics there is a good chance they were taught by a Catholic with this alternative liturgy viewpoint I bet.

No doubt many had their workshops with the wacko WATER, the Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual, and other groups /people that still cling to the Catholic ID so they can get their names and agendas in the newspapers.

However as women ( of a particular thrological vision) and various progressives have taken a hold of the Episcopal Church curiously the anti hierarchy , anti priesthood , down with the vertical up with hortizonatal , theology and liturgy of such movements is muted. The reason for that is obvious.

So what you have left is THIS. It truly looks like the worse of 1980's and 1990 Catholicism and trust me there is a reason for that.

The big elephant in the room is truly not many people like this including I daresay some of the most progressive in the Episcopal Church. I shared this with a friend of mine that is gay Catholic and much more "progressive" than me and his reaction was "no words".

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This post makes no sense. There's no content or "point." It's just an empty rant. Stop complaining.