Friday, April 24, 2009

Two Different Catholics Two Different Views On the Catholics Charismatic Renewal

I noted with some interest there was a couple of posts on this on blogs I follow. First the sort of skeptical view by Darwin Catholic at You know you want to and more pro view by Father Londecker at Standing on My Head via his post Catholic Charismatics.

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal has had and has some significant influence in my State of Louisiana. I have come to the conclusion when you have a Bishop that is on top of it and helps guide it then there are good results as a whole. When that does not happen we perhaps see the problems and concerns we see in the comments. I think one problem that Charismatics need to address is that sometime there is a tendency (and really not just sometimes) that one must have X experience or something is wrong. I am not sure that is right at all.But again I am not a charismatic Catholic.

Regardless events like Steubenville South and Steubenville on the Bayou in my State for Youth has been a huge success that that touched people lives. All those sort of have a charismatic flair to them.

I highly suspect we shall have a big revival in interest in the Catholic Charismatic renewal with this wave of Hispanic immigration.

Pope Benedict is a pretty good friend of this movement and of course the preacher to the Pontifical Household is a charismatic.

One Bishop from Louisiana Sam Jacobs is of course well known for his advocacy of the Charismatic Renewal. An interesting article here in which he praises and offers constructive criticism.

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